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Senior Adult Ministry (SAM)
Leader: Bob Nolen


Mission Statement

SAMs is a unique organization, one that has Christian values, is well thought of, and will bless the churches and communities it serves.  This depends on the officers, the membership, and each individual’s effort to be a part of the outreach programs that SAMs supports. We are never to be satisfied with prior performances, but always try to go forward with new and better ideas. Our generation is a dying generation, just like our ancestors before us, and their values as a whole example to all. With the help and guidance of Jesus, out Heavenly Father, may the same values be left for generations to follow. May God bless the endeavors of our organization may Jesus Christ be glorified in all we do!

Anyone 50 years and up is invited to join us in Senior Adult activities here at Cornerstone. We meet the second Saturday of each month at 6:00 PM for “food, fun, and fellowship” BUT, not only do we meet for “food, fun, and fellowship”, we are constantly bringing forth new ideas for ministries that serve the Church, community, our country, and even foreign countries.

SAMs has started and maintains eleven different ministries since our 1st meeting was held in May 2007. These ministries are supported solely by SAMs and generous donations from other church members that want to be part of great things that are happening.

1.       Community Food Pantry, not only do we feed the body, we feed our soul. Each non-member family we provide to, is asked if they know Jesus as their Savior, they are given a handout and invited to join us in worship at church.

2.       We support Brother Dennis Erwin, a very Godly man who travels the US spreading the Word of Jesus.

3.       We support a Prison Ministry, to provide hope and Salvation to inmates.

4.       In November, we put together Thanksgiving baskets for some of our members and people of the community that need just a “little help” that time of year.

5.       In December, we send donations to different organizations to purchase Bibles in many countries, most are Buddhist and Muslim (China, Egypt, Iraq, Russia, Afghanistan)  

6.       We support Giddeons International, who places Bibles in all 160 countries.

7.       We support Bruce McKee with donations for Bibles in Cambodia.

8.       We serve funeral dinners for our Church Family and with generous donations, we have been able to furnish the meats.

9.       SAMs has purchased 10 of the Recorded Word, to loan to members who are ill. This small prayer has recorded all healing scriptures hat are in the Bible.

10.   In February, instead of having a meeting, we honor the Widow/Widowers not only in our Church, but neighbors and family members, with a dinner. The only requirement is that the widow/widower be over 50. SAMs pays for their meal and provides corsages.

11.   SAMs provided the two desks in the foyer, one for the Church information and one is a Visitor’s Desk where we meet and greet visitors, give out visitor cards, and information about out Church.

SAMs also supports community projects such as Lucas Founder’s Day.

All these ministries have been successful because only JESUS CHRIST is our leader.





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